Hand Held Bidet Sprayer

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The Hand Held Bidet offers a drastic improvement in how one cleans up and gets fresh after using the bathroom. It's time to move into the new generation of toilet use. The positive change in your life will ultimately lead everyone to the same question: Why didn't I start using this earlier? 

Looking for a quality bidet? A 10 minute toilet attachment installation and you're done. The look is second to none, power in your hands, very durable and well made. Is the perfect addition to your bathroom and includes a stainless steel bidet sprayer head, shut off T-valve adapter, metal bidet hose and a hook holder for your toilet tank.

Are you coming from overseas? You're probably wondering why every bathroom doesn't have these handy devices. Injured or reduced mobility? The ultimate in special care and assistance when regular clean-up has been made difficult. 

Need the shower, tub, sink or family pet cleaned? Your prayers are answered. Our hand held sprayer offers unlimited assistance in rinsing and spraying.

Turn off T-Valve Adapter lever after each use to close the water supply to the Bidet Sprayer Head. If you choose to not turn off the valve lever, you risk weakening the internal components of the sprayer and hose, or exposing your home to water damage or flooding.

The valve lever is conveniently located on the T-Valve Adapter and takes only a moment to shut off. Manufacturer is not responsible for damage which may have been caused by failure to follow this recommendation.